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Are you a coach or thinking about becoming one?  In that case, join Coachville, the largest association of coaches worldwide, and a wealth of resources to boot.  Lifetime membership and now it's FREE!!

Business Cards

If you are serious about your business, you need memorable business cards.  Get 250 high quality business cards free from  All you pay is postage!


Do you have a website or are you planning to have one?  Then log onto to register your domain, and/or get your website designed.  Susan Chapman can help you with all your website needs.  She helped me with mine! Looking for webhosting? I have mine hosted at and have been extremely delighted with the quality, price and service!

Resources for Entrepreneurs

Inc Magazine has all kinds of information available at their website, from advice on competing with an ex-employee to tips on writing a business plan, to all kinds of resources for starting and growing your business. Choose from 11 free newsletters or do research on the best metro areas to start a's all there. You'll find even more of this at and

Free Teleconferenceing
Would you believe free teleconferencing? That's right...sign up at and reserve a bridge whenever you want! Free except for your long distance call.

Inexpensive long distance calls

Since I spend so much time on the telephone, finding a really inexpensive rate was really important.  I'm currently using Verizons Freedom plan which allows me unlimited long distance service within the US and Canada. Before that, a colleague turned me on to PennyTalk where the domestic and international rates are really incredible.                      

Coach Training
Looking for cutting edge coach training? Look no further. The Coachville Schools of Coaching have the freshest content and most comprehensive training program worldwide. Whether you're looking for basic life coaching skills or specific content for small business or corporate coaching, you'll find it there. Finally, a coaching school that has been rigorously designed to meet both your immediate training needs - no matter where you are on the path to professional coaching - as well as your long-term and advanced training needs.




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