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Creating a Life Plan

Perhaps you've already created "A Perfect Life " for yourself, or have dreams for how the rest of your life will flow. As Dr. Phil McGraw might say, "is it working for you?" If you're like most people, your answer is most likely "no", or "not yet" or "not enough." Why is that?

There are a number of reasons, you possibly
1. Don't really know what you want
2. Have limiting beliefs that cause conflicting intentions and obstacles to success
3. Are operating under someone else's definition of success
4. Don't have your environments designed to support your success
5. Aren't sure what steps to take

It is likely that you've taken all kinds of assessments, and participated in all kinds of fieldwork. You may recognize some of these. They're here because they work. The purpose of assessments, workbooks, fieldwork and worksheets is to help create awareness of what's going on in your life and your subconscious. If you were content to just go through each day, and let whatever happens, wouldn't be reading this and it's likely that you have a bookcase full of books on personal development as well. I'm just like you, and in fact, at the end of this planning guide, I offer a book list of some of my own favorite assessments, and books for you to read and re-read. Ready to begin? Click here!

When you reach the stage of development when you want to build a booming business and let go of all the doubts and fears holding you back, finding a masterful mentor coach will cut your ramp-up time in half. Here is a checklist of things you can work on with your mentor coach. Questions? Email me at

Ready to upgrade? maybe you're ready to design your Perfect Life?

A Perfect Life

How would you describe your perfect life?

What would you have in your perfect life? Who would be with you? What would you be focused on work-wise? How would you spend your recreational time? Where would you live? How would you live? Who would you be? Who could you become?

Since I've been talking about the idea of having a perfect life and begun coaching clients to have one, I've come across two basic reactions from people. The first type of person says something like, "A perfect life? Ha, dream on!" or "Honey, you don't live in New York!" I totally understand their skepticism. After all, when's the last time someone asked you if you wanted a perfect life? Most of us have certainly thought about improving our lives and perhaps you are working to have more of what you want in your life and less of what you don't want. But having a perfect life? That's something else.

However, the second type of person I've shared the idea of having a perfect life with has had a different response. They react with something like "Wow, I've always wanted that!" or "A perfect life? Now, THAT'S worth going for." Follow these steps to a Perfect Life 
Click on the link to get a taste of creating your perfect life!
Ready to create your Perfect Life?
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